TeleSym launches the first wireless Internet telephony software for IntelÆ Centrino mobile technology

TeleSym Inc. today released its SymPhone Client software for Microsoft Windows equipped computers.
This addition to the SymPhone System brings top-quality voice calling to users of Windows notebook, tablet and desktop personal computers, using wireless (802.11) data networks and across the Internet.
TeleSym’s SymPhone software offers a breakthrough in the sound quality available for voice calls across wireless LANs and the Internet. The SymPhone software transforms a PDA into a phone and an intercom.

SymPhone client software:
– works on 802.11b wireless LANs as well as corporate intranets and the Internet;
– makes peer-peer or PSTN calls;
– provides exceptional call quality, better than conventional wired phones;
– is as easy to use as a phone with a familiar DialPad, contact Lists and has intercom features.This introduction coincides with Intel Corp.’s launch of the IntelÆ CentrinoTM mobile technology, which integrates Wi-Fi networking in mobile computers that feature improved power consumption. SymPhone for Windows is the first Internet telephony software optimized for, tested and validated as Centrino-compatible.
See Telesym’s press release