Concurrent Announces RedHawkô Real-Time Linux Operating system

Concurrent Computer Corporation , Integrated Solutions Division, today announced the delivery of version 2.0 of its RedHawkô Linux real-time operating system, designed specifically for the AMD (NYSE: AMD) Opteron 64-bit processor.

Concurrentís RedHawk 2.0 is the first real-time Linux operating system for the Opteron processor platform to be offered by a leading real-time solutions provider. Based on the 2.6.0 Linux kernel, RedHawk 2.0 is fully compatible with the popular Red Hatô Inc. Enterprise Linux distribution.

The new RedHawk release is currently in use by a prominent international Concurrent customer in the development of next-generation, 64-bit real-time applications.RedHawk 2.0 leverages the superior floating point performance, 64-bit addressing and improved I/O throughput of the Opteron processor in support of high-performance data acquisition, simulation, process control and other demanding applications. On Opteron systems, users can†run existing off-the-shelf 32-bit applications, recompile their 32-bit RedHawk applications into 64-bit mode for improved performance and extended addressing, as well as develop new 64-bit applications on the same platform.

RedHawk Linux on Concurrentís 32 bit IntelÆ Xeonô powered† iHawkô systems has already proven itself in mission-critical programs throughout the world including the Eurofighter training device, FA-18 and EA-6B simulation systems and the Theater High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile program.
RedHawk is also used in telecommunications testing, U.S. and European automotive simulation systems and industrial control applications.†

ìConcurrentís support for the Opteron platform allows us to address new markets, such as medical imaging, video encoding/decoding, and the financial industry that require larger memory addressing and increased processing power,î said Gary Beerman, director of marketing, Concurrent Integrated Solutions Division. ìRedHawk 2.0 is available on iHawk COTS systems allowing our customers the choice of 32-bit or 64-bit platforms that are best suited to their high-performance, real-time needs.