Tokyo to Build Japan\’s Largest Solar Power Generation Facility

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced that it started building Japan’s first megawatt class solar power generating facility at Asaka Water Purification Plant.

It will generate an estimated 1,200kW, and will be one of the largest in the world. The facility is to start operation in fiscal 2005.Reservoirs in water purification plants are usually covered so that objects do not mix into the water tank that performs the final process of filtration. At Asaka, solar battery panels will be installed on the covers as a power generating facility. This will enhance the safety of tap water as well as utilizing natural energy.

The effects in introducing a solar power generation facility are as follows; reduction of the environmental damage by using natural energy without emitting carbon dioxide, and reduction in energy procurement costs.

It is estimated that about 450 tons of carbon dioxide will be reduced annually by using the solar power generator. In addition, with the output of approximately 960,000kWh per annum, the equivalent cost of electricity procurement will be saved.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government intends to install solar power generators in eight water purification plants in the next four years. When all the facilities are completed, the total annual output of electricity will be approximately 4.2 million kWh, and the annual reduction in carbon dioxide will be about 2,000 tons.

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