The world\’s smallest and most highly integrated mainboard for the emerging generation of smart digital entertainment devices

VIA Technologies, Inc. launched the VIA EPIA N-Series Nano-ITX Mainboard at CeBIT 2004, the world’s smallest and most highly integrated standard x86 platform.

Combining the fanless VIA Eden-N processor running at speeds of up to 1GHz with the new VIA CN400 digital media chipset, the VIA EPIA N-Series extends the reach of the x86 architecture into a new wave of ultra-compact smart connected devices for a wide variety of digital entertainment, communications, and embedded system design applications.Measuring a mere 12cm x 12cm and combining the highly efficient VIA Eden-N processor and VIA CN400 digital media chipset, the VIA EPIA N-Series Nano-ITX mainboard provides an unequalled visual experience for smart digital media and mobile entertainment devices.

The Chromotion CE Video Display Engine in the VIA CN400ís UniChrome Pro IGP graphics core, provides unmatched support for intelligent video rendering techniques and flawless MPEG-4/2 digital video playback on all display types from CRT and LCD screens to standard definition TVs and HDTVs.

The VIA EPIA N features a robust shared memory architecture and support for up to 1GB of DDR400/333/266 memory with the acclaimed FastStream64ô memory controller, and a high speed Ultra V-Link interface for a 1GB/s connection to VIA’s feature-leading South Bridge options.

Incorporating the VIA Eden-N processorís PadLock Security Suite, the VIA EPIA N-Series Nano-ITX mainboard provides high quality entropy from two PadLock Random Number Generators (RNGs) and market leading AES encryption rates through the PadLock Advanced Cryptography Engine (ACE).

Additionally, the VIA Eden-N processor employs PowerSaver 3.0 power management technology to help extend battery life for mobile devices based on the VIA EPIA N-Series Nano-ITX mainboard.

Through the onboard VIA VT8237 South Bridge, the VIA EPIA N offers a comprehensive range of integrated storage, multimedia and connectivity options, including Serial ATA, UltraDMA IDE, USB 2.0, onboard LAN and V-RAID, with support for multiple RAID configurations. The board also includes support for VIA Vinyl Six-TRAC 6-channel audio through 3 audio jacks in the I/O panel.

The VIA EPIA N-Series also offers support for a growing number of LVDS embedded LCD panels and has a Mini-PCI slot for expandability.

Read the specifications here.