I-MXô 1000 HDTV IP VOD Set Top Box

I-MXô 1000 Set Top Box (STB) is designed for that ultimate home theater experience.

The STB comes with full support for HDTV and DVD video support and Dolby Digital home theater support. The STB allows users the ability to view HDTV and DVD videos right from their IP network.

All the users have to do is plug in the STB to the IP network and the home theater system and they are ready to enjoy full functions of a Video-On-Demand system. Key Features

  • Video on Demand (VOD) – Delivers on-demand DVD and HDTV quality videos to TVs over the IP network using advance mpeg 4 codecs such as Windows Media technology and h.264.

  • Conditional Access – each set-top box is authenticated via ip, user id and password. Smart card support is optional.

  • Easy Maintenance – No truck roll. Can be managed remotely.

  • IP Network – Works over any ip network. MatrixStream proprietary preload technology can deliver high quality video viewing experience even over wireless IP network.

  • Anti-Piracy Security – Fully protected against video piracy by using user authentication, IP tracking, video deletion, Encryption, DRM and water marking technologies.

  • Electronic Program Guide – allows users to select videos based on different viewing categories.

  • Video Preview Function – Users don’t have to wait for the movie to completely download before viewing it.

  • HDTV DVI Output and Optical Dolby Digital Output – Enjoy high quality digitial HDTV video and Dolby Digital AC-3 home theater experience.

  • Fully functional DVD player – Allows the user the optional to play external DVDs.

    Key Benefits


  • Next Generation Video-On-Demand (VOD) Technology – Broadband users can now enjoy high quality videos without having to go to video rental stores, wait for videos to arrive from mail-order video rental services or order PPV (Pay Per View) at a set scheduled time. Broadband users can watch DVD and HDTV videos at a time that’s convenient to them right from the comfort of their homes.

  • Enjoy High Quality DVD/HDTV Video on TV without Compromise – Broadband users can use the I-MX set-top box to view high quality DVD and HDTV videos on their TVs and high definition TVs today. Users have access to the easy-to-use EPG (Electronic Program Guide), which allow users the ability to select different videos based on categories and channels. In addition, the I-MX set-top box allows high bandwidth users (1.5 Mbs+ access speed) to view videos in real time via live streaming. For users with slower bandwidth, the IMX set-top box has the proprietary video preload feature that allows the set-top box to preload the videos to the set-top box cache prior to viewing.

  • Deploy Video On Demand Services in Days – Broadband Service Providers can deploy complete Video-On-Demand services to existing broadband subscribers in days. I-MX 1000 set top box (STB) is fully integrated with the I-MX 500 and I-MX 2000 TV video servers. Broadband users can enjoy high quality DVD and HDTV videos right on their regular TVs and HDTVs.

  • Protect Videos from Video Piracy – All the videos are encrypted end-to-end and protected by the I-MX security system. All cached videos are fully protected against video piracy. Video content providers can feel safe that their videos won’t be pirated over the Internet. Content providers have the option to control when to delete the cached videos from set top box’s local hard drive. In addition, content providers have total control over the length of viewing periond, per view or multiple views and set video viewing expiration period. The beauty of system is the operator can control how viewers view videos from the central I-MX management server.

  • Save Support Costs – The IMX set-top box has a built-in software update feature that will automatically keep the IMX set-top box up-to-date on new software features. The IMX set-top box also features a built-in help guide to minimize support calls to the service provider.