NEC Launches New Fixed Point-to-point Wireless Access System for the global Market Featuring the World\’s Largest Bandwidth

NEC Corporation
announced today the launch of PASOLINK Mx, a new line-up of fixed point-to-point wireless access system in the global market.

PASOLINK is chiefly designed for telecom carriers’ backhaul, business and emergency networks. It offers simple and highly reliable fixed wireless solutions.

The new PASOLINK Mx features the world’s largest capacity of 80 Mbps (40 x 2 Mbps) within the bandwidth of 28 MHz by 16QAM.

It enables the easy and rapid expansion of broadband and mobile network infrastructure such as 3rd generation (3G) and mobile multimedia application services, without disrupting the current licensed bandwidth.

The new product employs DSP technology-based spectrum shaping and 16QAM modulation to realize the large capacity.NEC launched its first PASOLINK product in the mid 1980s, supplying 18GHz PASOLINK systems to a leading telecom operator in UK.
Since then, business has expanded to a worldwide scale. Recently, due to the rapid expansion of mobile networks, many operators deploy PASOLINK to connect radio base stations to speedily facilitate rapid and simple installation of mobile infrastructure. Sales of NEC’s PASOLINK exceeded 160,000 units in 2004. The rapid growth of the business is attributable to NEC’s long-standing experience, competence, advanced and high-quality technologies, and its leading position in the global microwave communication systems market.
Currently NEC holds about 20% share in this market.

With the introduction of PASOLINK Mx, NEC will continue to expand its PASOLINK business to meet the demands and exceed the expectations of emerging mobile internet and IP network markets to gain a leading position in the mobile solution arena.

Major Features of PASOLINK Mx

  • 7-38GHz wide-range coverage

  • Transition from QPSK to 16QAM can be realized with software modulation method can be selected depends on the transmission capacity and transmission distance.

  • High throughput LAN interface is embedded so capable of maximum 80Mbps transmission. 2Mbps leased line and LAN interface can be used simultaneously.

  • 10Base-T full throughput with 3.5MHz bandwidth.

  • Small, compact and easy installation.

  • Highly-reliable redundant configuration possible.

    More details on NEC website.