Saab AddVisor̫ 150 РHigh-Performance Head-Mounted Display

The AddVisor 150ô is a transparent high-resolution Head-Mounted Display.

The image is generated on two independent full colour 1280×1024 pixels (SXGA) Liquid Crystal on Silicon microdisplays.

A light weight solution for the most demanding of applications the AddVisorô 150 is recognized for excellent image quality, high brightness and contrast. The AddVisorô 150 is ideal for direct view mono- and stereo (3D) viewing.
The image can be shown superimposed on the environment with up to 35 % see-through or fully immersed.

The AddVisorô 150 is designed for a 46 degree diagonal 100% overlap field of view.

A 50% overlap can also be used, giving a 54 degree horizontal or 60 degree diagonal field of view.

It features a patented optical design that combines a wide field of view with high transparency see-through.

Using a patent pending head fitting system with easy adjustments, low weight and eyeglass compatibility, the AddVisorô 150 provides hours of easy and comfortable viewing.

Typical Applications

  • Simulation and training.

  • Modelling and simulation

  • Architectural design.

  • Industrial design.

  • Medical applications such as keyhole-surgery, training
    and simulation of critical surgery.

  • CAD/CAM applications.

  • Process control.

  • Demonstrations.

  • Portable maintenance manuals.

    Main features

  • See-through and non-see-through applications.

  • Superior image quality.

  • Stereoscopic viewing.

  • Low weight and excellent comfort.

    Addvisor 150ô consists of the following parts

  • Headset

  • Electronic unit

  • Power unit

  • Cabling

    VR/AR Applications

    Head-motion tracking and audio capability as well as
    stereo cameras can be added for augmented and virtual reality applications. This makes the AddVisorô 150 an excellent personal visualization device for AR/VRapplications and for applications where the alternative is to use high-cost VR caves.