ERG releases highend HDTV 6\" monitor

The HDM-EV30D is a compact, six inch LCD monitor for HDTV and SDTVs.

There are two systems of video input, HDSDI and analog HDTV or SDTV.

The active LCD area has a 960 x 540 resolution, and can display 16.77 million colors by having 8 bits per RGB.

Because of its resolution, the HDM-EV-30D can naturally display its images when receiving signals from the HDTV 1080.

This is possible because it does not need to make any conversions to other resolutions.Design

The HDM-EV30D is aimed at portable outdoor use. Taking into consideration the use of cases and monitor hoods, only the display functions are placed on the front of the monitor.

Therefore, the operation and other buttons are placed on the right side, the input/output connectors on the left.

At first glance, the buttons on the operation panel (on the right side of the monitor) look irregular.

However, it was designed as such so that one can become accustomed to operating the monitor without looking at the printed words on the buttons. The input/output connectors on the left use the BNC connector (for HDSDI systems), and the 12-pin multi-connector (for analog systems).

This is
so that when using the analog components, the troublesome task of connecting the three BNC connectors can be omitted. It has the same pin assignment as our HDM-VF1 model monitor.

Therefore, the AC-DA02 model image distributor can directly connect with the image signal (requires a different connection for the power).

The important parts of the monitor, like the LCD and the BNC connectors, are stored in the most inner parts in order to prevent damage from collision or impact, and also allows an easy transport.

In addition, there are multipurpose M3 taps placed on all sides (except the front) so that the user can install various instruments.

The rear heat sink, which is one of HDM-EV30D’s visible characteristics, does not use the conventional air fans that are prone to failure. The heat sink operates smoothly to cool down the system, and helps reduce energy consumption.


An important characteristic of the HDM-EV30D is that each LCD is shipped after color adjustment.

As an electronic device, the CRT and LCD have great differences, such as image output and gamma curves.

However, current video systems have, as in the past, have specifications for CRT monitors to be the receiving device.

Therefore it is necessary to make special changes to the drive signal (to the LCD), when replacing the CRTs with LCDs. Taking into consideration the monitor’s image processing circuit, size, energy consumption, and other costs, the HDM-EV30D has been optimized to reduce the incompatibility between the CRT and the LCD. When lining up the HDM-EV30D, an LCD monitor that has not been color adjusted, and a broadcasting CRT monitor, the user will see that the HDM-EV30D has an image output overwhelmingly closest to a CRT.

Other features include the following supporting functions:

  • Large-size tally signal light: Placed on the frontal upper region of the monitor, with a large light for easy viewing.
  • Color Temperature Controls: 6500K and 9300K. The user may easily change the color temperature.
  • A wide variety of marker indicators: Center marker that indicates the center of screen, framing marker that indicates screen size (four types of TVs, two types of film), a sliding marker which can be placed anywhere, and a safety marker which indicates the safety area. These markers appear on the upper region of the screen, and help frame the range of the shooting area.
  • Aspect ratio function: When images are recorded using a lens that optically expands or contracts, the recorded digital image is also distorted, and cannot be displayed correctly on an ordinary monitor.The HDM-EV30D uses the aspect ratio function to correctly display the recorded original image.
  • Masking function: This function has similar uses as the framing marker mentioned above, but this function can mask out the region outside of the image area with a 4:3 or 16:9 ratio.
  • Gamma Correction: In recent years, there have been many cases where images shot with a camera have a special gamma setting. In this case, the ordinary?=2.2 monitoring cannot properly display the darkness, and is difficult to see.
    The HDM-EV30D uses its gamma correction function, and can lighten the image so that it facilitates the monitoring process.
  • Peaking Indicator: This function facilitates focusing when shooting.
  • Screen Capture/Picture Freezing: This function freezes the screen temporarily.

    As explained above, the HDM-EV30D has a wide variety of functions, but is designed not to consume excess power. For example, when the analog components are inserted, the A/D converter on the video input circuit turns off.

    The user may also adjust the backlight controls, which also helps control power consumption.

    Basic Price:

    USD 5,600.00