TransDimension, a leading provider of USB connectivity solutions for embedded applications, today introduced the industry’s first single-chip USB On-the-Go (OTG) controller, the TD1120, which supports both high-speed peripheral and full-speed host functionality.

The TD1120 is the 3rd generation of OTG controllers offered by TransDimension and is optimized for a broad range of high performance and low power mobile and consumer applications, including cellular phones, PDAs, media players, and multi-function printers.Unmatched in the industry, the TD1120 is the first single-chip controller that supports full-speed USB host control and high-speed USB peripheral control. Previous solutions have required two separate discrete chips to perform these functions.

“The TD1120 offers customers many benefits over dual chip implementations requiring separate USB controllers to support high-speed peripheral and full-speed host functionality, such as reduced power consumption, board space and a shortened design process,” said Mike Holt, vice president of marketing for TransDimension.

In mobile applications, the TD1120 enables high-speed PC synchronization to reduce data file transfer time when it operates as a peripheral. While in host mode, it enables the system to connect to a wide range of USB devices such as thumb drives, keyboards, mice, and digital still cameras (DSC) with low power operation. Mobile applications include smart phones, PDAs, MP3 players, portable media players, digital photo albums, and GPS devices.

For printer manufacturers, the TD1120 offers a means to cost effectively upgrade printers with USB host and peripheral connectivity. With the TD1120, the high-speed USB peripheral controller provides connectivity from the printer to a PC, while the full-speed host controller enables the printer to support PictBridge capability, thereby allowing the user to directly connect a digital still camera to a printer without the use of a PC.

The TD1120 offers flexible port configuration, so it can support two full-speed host ports plus one high-speed peripheral port, or one full-speed host port plus an OTG port that can operate as a full-speed host or high-speed peripheral. It has an integrated charge pump and supports up to 100mA of Vbus current to drive various USB devices. The integrated peripheral controller supports two DMA slave channels to reduce CPU utilization and improve overall system performance. The new chip is offered in small packages of 84-ball 7x7mm TF-BGA and 100-pin 12x12mm LQFP.

Software support for the TD1120 is available from TransDimension’s SoftConnex software solution, which is ported to a wide variety of real-time operating systems (RTOS), with interface code, software stacks and drivers to provide a complete, proven embedded USB solution.