Matsushita Electric to Market Industry\’s Largest 65-inch PDP TV Set

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co, Ltd aims to launch a 65-inch PDP TV set, the largest in the home TV sector, called “TH-65DX300” on Oct 1.

Matsushita’s 65-inch PDP TV ‘TH-65DX300’
Its price is set at 2,079,000 yen. So far, for the company, the largest screen size in this category is 50 inches. However, for the industry, the largest size is 63 inches for a TV set provided by Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd.

The display resolution of the new PDP TV set is 1,366 x 768. In its image processing circuits, the company has implemented the same technology it introduced in a series of products taken to the market one after another since June 1, 2004. Accordingly, it allows for reproducing gradations in steps equivalent to 1,536 levels of scale (delivering 3.62 billion colors), or 2,048 (8.58 billion colors) for displaying weak incandescent parts, the company said.

Other features include a contrast ratio for dark areas of 3,000:1 as well as power consumption of 635W.

Rear-projection TV now almost completely dominates the global market for big-screen TV sets of more than 60 inches. As for prices, a conventional CRT rear-projection TV set is priced between US$2,000 and 3,000, and a rear-projection product of the pixel type (using micro-displays such as DMD and LCOS types) is priced between US$4,000 and 5,000.

Apparently, Matsushita Electric Industrial’s new PDP TV set is several times more expensive than those products. Therefore, in order to cultivate and expand a sector for this larger size of PDP TV sets, key factors will be future reductions in costs and particularly enhancement of features giving a competitive edge to offset the price gap.