Microspace Digital Cinema Pilot Program Continues Successful Run with Satellite Delivery of DreamWorks’ Shark Tale


Microspace Communications Corporation (Microspace), the leading provider of point-to-multipoint satellite services, announced the successful delivery of the DreamWorks LLC movie, Shark Tale, via its VELOCITY® satellite solution to select digitally-equipped movie theatres in North America.

The announcement represents the third such agreement this year between the companies as part of Microspace’s continuing digital cinema pilot program, which debuted with the May and August distributions of Shrek 2 and Collateral, respectively.“Our previous experience in collaborating with Microspace made the Shark Tale project even more successful than those before and further validates our own ongoing goal to provide top-flight entertainment via the industry’s state-of-the-art technology,” said Pat Marshall, vice president of communications and specialty marketing for Cineplex Galaxy LP, owners of Galaxy Cinemas. The company’s theatres in Waterloo and Cambridge, Ontario, jointly participated in both the Shark Tale and Collateral programs along with Famous Players in Vaughan, Ontario.

VELOCITY, Microspace’s high-speed video, data and audio broadcasting service, provides an optimum solution for businesses requiring economical and reliable content delivery from one to multiple locations. Compared to terrestrial solutions, VELOCITY is quicker, easier and less expensive to implement.

“VELOCITY has repeatedly demonstrated its market-readiness for large-scale distribution of digital cinema and related in-theatre content,” said Sam Matheny, manager of digital cinema development for Microspace. “We look forward to working closely with DreamWorks and additional distributors to further leverage this exciting technology.”