SiGe Semiconductor Delivers Industry’s First Complete WLAN RF Front-End Modules for Cellular Handsets

SiGe Semiconductor, Inc. announced the industry’s first completely integrated WLAN RF front-end modules optimized for cellular handsets.

Featuring industry-leading performance, integration and low current consumption, the RangeChargerâ„¢ SE2551A and SE2557A ensure that cellular handset manufacturers can support WLAN capability without impacting handset form factor, cellular performance, or battery life.

The SE2551A and SE2557A are based on SiGe Semiconductor’s proven, highly integrated 2.4GHz RF front-end architecture, with each device incorporating a linear three-stage power amplifier, power detector, digital enable circuitry, transmit and receive filtering and a receive balun in a small form factor 6mm x 5mm x 1.4mm chip-scale package. The two variants provide flexibility in meeting individual transceiver requirements, providing designers with a choice of a differential receive output with the SE2551A, or a single-ended receive output with the SE2557A.

The new RF front-end modules are designed specifically for high performance and low power consumption. Featuring high power output as well as excellent rejection and isolation, the SE2551A and SE2557A each allow simultaneous transmission and reception of WLAN and cellular signals.
Operating in 802.11g mode, the devices consume just 120mA, ensuring that WLAN capability can be added to cellular phones with minimal impact to battery life.

“Our new modules are the industry’s only truly integrated WLAN front-end solutions for cellular handsets,” said Andrew Parolin, director of wireless data products at SiGe Semiconductor, Inc. “With these devices, we are addressing the fast growing market opportunity created by the widespread adoption of WLAN, and consumer desire for increased cellular feature integration.
By offering a unique and proven combination of performance, integration and power efficiency, we are ensuring our customers can minimize the impact of placing WLAN in cellular phones.”

RF front-ends enable high-performance co-existence of WLAN and cellular applications.
The SE2551A and SE2557A solve the primary challenge faced by cellular handset manufacturers looking to support WLAN capability: ensuring a positive user experience while simultaneously transmitting and receiving cellular and WLAN signals. Unlike competitive solutions, the new RF front-ends feature excellent rejection of typically 35dB in all 4 GSM bands, in both transmit and receive mode.
This dramatically reduces interference, thereby enhancing signal integrity and improving overall system performance.

The SE2551A and SE2557A are highly linear devices, capable of +15dBm output power with an error vector magnitude (EVM) of less than three percent while operating in 802.11g mode, or +17dBm in 802.11b mode while meeting all ACPR requirements.
The high linearity improves packet error rates for optimal data throughput and transmission range.
This ensures that Wi-Fi products can maintain reliable, high-performance connections over longer distances. Also integrated on chip is an integrated power detector that further improves performance by minimizing mismatch to only 1.5 dB of variation over a 2:1 antenna mismatch.

Price and availability

The SE2551A and SE2557A are sampling now, and production is scheduled for Q3 2005. The devices are each priced at US $2.29 in quantities of 10k units.

About SiGe Semiconductor’s Lead-Free Initiative
SiGe Semiconductor’s SE2551A and SE2557A are lead-free products.
The use of lead in the design and manufacture of electronic products is an increasing environmental concern. In support of industry-wide initiatives to protect the environment, SiGe Semiconductor have instigated a lead-free program. Our intent is to show full compliance with the European Union Directive 2002/95/EC (Jan 27, 2003) on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronics equipment (RoHS).